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Peeling back Face/Off’s face John Woo's Face/Off epitomizes the 1990s action movie with its slow motion, fluidly choreographed set pieces, oodles of gunplay with consequent body count interspersed with moments of melodrama and outlandish dialog; stylish though cheesy action fare in the days... Continue Reading →

The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum… remembered?

With the release of the latest entry in the Jason Bourne series, Jason Bourne, it is a timely time to revisit the most famous of amnesiac spies. You know, just in case *you* have forgotten who *he* is and why his... Continue Reading →

Sounds I liked in 2015

It is well past that time when bloggers everywhere compile the soundtrack for their year. Here are some of the musical sounds I liked in 2015. If you like any of the artists listed, please support them by purchasing their music. It... Continue Reading →

Compiling your holiday playlist? Try some of these.

Holiday Mixtape // Nick Flora & Stacy Lantz spotify:album:5Sfg4LWZrVxezl9VNxZPah Blood Oranges in the Snow //  Over the Rhine spotify:album:5DOKXKhsnVWMgJaovOrE6k All My Christmases // Jillian Edwards spotify:album:1Oc0lXoyXZP6ed8otsHiQJ A Charlie Brown Christmas // Vince Guaraldi Trio spotify:album:5LCvIRe8gBrfSGoLmgkFnf Our Family Christmas // The... Continue Reading →

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