Rita Ora’s How We Do is a curious party anthem, proposing that in a night of cloudy recklessness you may just find the one for you. The song is most memorable because of the catchy hook, which features the eight-letter word:

I wanna party and bullsh-t
And party and bullsh-t (with you)
….And party, and party

Yes, those are the lyrics. I had to look them up because I couldn’t understand the lyric – presumably, the radio station filters the eight-letter word as ‘explicit’. The irony is still to come.

As a party anthem, the song bears much resemblance to Katy Perry’s TGIF. While TGIF celebrates last Friday night, How We Do picks up the story the morning after in a scene of alcohol-fuelled (but seemingly sweet) confusion:

I stumbled up to the window
Opened the curtains to blinding light
Make up all over the pillow
What went on? what went on?
What went on last night?
You look so sweet while you’re dreaming
Holding your bottle of tango red
It isn’t even the weekend

None of this would be really notable except that, having taken in this scene, the singer concludes:

Maybe thats, how I know, you’re the one for me

How sweet! But exactly how does this guy care for you?

Hungover I think I’m broken
You said the fix is a shot of jack
I said man what are you smoking
But alright, pour a glass and we’ll throw em back

So, according to this song, potential signs that you may have found the one for you are

  • you don’t remember what happened last night.
  • makeup all over the pillow.
  • a hangover which you fix by having more alcohol.
  • the guy tells you that.
  • all this happens on a week night.

Of course, I doubt anyone would believe this story is really about the beginning of something substantial, i.e. a ‘one for me’, any more than they would take the above tips as sound dating advice to find someone with the skills and character to care for you for the rest of your life.

I mean, Rita Ora, look at the situation from a different angle, with a different soundtrack (remix anyone?): You are drunk. You don’t remember what happened last night. Literally anything could have happened. Your makeup is all over the pillow. This guy thinks the way to cure a hangover is to have some more alcohol, which is not logical. He may just want to keep you drunk. This could easily be the scene from a horrible horrible nightmare if it weren’t for the happy party music. But who am I to say? After all, that’s just how you do.

More in Party 2 soon.