Well, university is over for another year and the results are in. It’s always nice when you think that you’ve done a satisfactory job and it turns out to be more than enough. While the brain is recovering from an arduous semester, I’ve been preparing and thinking about what’s next.

In amongst relaxing, spending time with my wife, catching up on some reading and other activities, I plan to review Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and to commence a (nominally) monthly post about a film set in the future. At least for the next few months. Maybe a year. Who knows? Only time will tell. As I mentioned in another post, one of my subjects this semester was on sustainability so the whole future thing has been on my mind.

Future films (generally science-fiction but not in the Star Wars way) often explore humanity by extrapolating our fears and challenges forward into some vision of the future; fears about government, technology, justice, the environment, “armageddon”, “apocalypse”. As it happens, two films I highly regard, Children of Men and Minority Report, also sit in this genre so it will be fun to revisit them too. So even though the blog might look peaceful, on the inside it’s busy, busy, busy.