So the results are in: Argo has taken the award for Best Picture. I was not entirely surprised – there was heaps of buzz when it first came out, and it won in two major categories, being Adapted Screenplay and Editing. Personally, Argo was entertaining and maintained a good pace but I don’t know if will stay with me as long as Life of Pi.

What was surprising, perhaps ironic or prophetic, was the First Lady Michelle Obama announcing a film about the CIA rescuing US diplomats from an Iranian regime as the best picture of the year…from the White House. Perhaps the only thing more poetic would be the President announcing Zero Dark Thirty as the winner. “My fellow Americans. Earlier this evening, a movie…”

Anyway, I’m somewhat pleased with my few predictions:

Predicted: screenplay and a technical award
Actual: adapted screenplay and editing

Life of Pi
Predicted: sound, visual effects and possibly cinematography
Actual: visual effects, cinematography, musical score, director

Les Miserables
Predicted: best supporting actress (Anne Hathaway)
Actual: best supporting actress, makeup and hairstyles, sound mixing