For any Australian readers out there, this August, two great speakers are facing off in three moderated discussions on the theme of Life, The Universe and Nothing. The three topics the good doctors Krauss & Craig will debate are:

  • Has science buried God? (Brisbane, August 7)
  • Why is there something rather than nothing? (Sydney, August 13)
  • Is it reasonable to believe there is a God? (Melbourne, August 16)

There’s talk that the Sydney discussion may be broadcast nationally. Here’s hoping – religious and philosophical discourse in Australia often lacks rigor, is highly polarized, or is dominated by ad hominem (often all three together), particularly on such forums as ABC TV’s Q&A social media sites where bad arguments from both sides are regularly applauded. Some of these issues I suspect are limitations of the social media – 140 characters limits dialog to soundbites, lacks nuance, depth, and non verbal communication.

These are two very engaging speakers and experts in their respective fields, so it would be well worth getting along if you can! Tickets are selling fast. Visit the website here.

UPDATE: tickets for the Brisbane event have sold out.