While much of the attention has been on the clash of titans Krauss and Craig down the east coast of Australia, a fourth discussion in Perth also took place between Professor Krauss and local pastor Rory Shiner, from St Matthews Unichurch. In many ways, I think this discussion models the kind of civility the City Bible Forum was aiming for in their series – it’s amicable, respectful and conciliatory.  The video is well worth a look – Krauss brings his presentation from the east coast (minus the character stuff!) while Shiner brings many refreshingly non-scientific angles and candour to the discussion.

The one video of the series yet to be released is from the Sydney conversation on the topic “Why is there something rather than nothing?” The video was not planned to be released due to arrangements made between CBF and Lawrence Krauss before the series, as Matt Landis at Mere Christianity Today explains here, with a helpful collection of the relevant Facebook posts from each party. Krauss is considering it.

But never mind that! Here’s Krauss & Shiner in Perth. Seriously, these guys could be friends.

Update: Read Rory Shiner’s pre-debate thoughts here.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3