Part three of a three-part series featuring significant songs of my 2013. Read part one hereRead part two here.

Nothing. All you hear is silence
Feels like you’re alone and
Drifting off of the map
But many souls have gone
Down this road you’re on
At least I have
Sometimes people think its better
Feeding you an answer
To what you can’t understand

But if you want someone who
Will just cry with you
I can

Some say there’s nothing they’re ashamed of
They cover up the tracks from
The hell where they’ve been
But if you’re looking
For something broken
I am

The truth is we’re all gonna take a last breath
That’s not the only sad death
We are meant to feel
If you need a friend to
Do some dying with you
I will

I Will paints a picture of the perfect friend and I’ve been deeply blessed to have been surrounded by friends like that this year.

Sincere, humble, generous.

Friends like Jesus.

We need friends like this – not just in our private lives, but in our public life too. Our world needs friends like this. Life is more tolerable, more productive, more pleasant, with friends like that. I’d like to be that kind of friend.

But I’m often tempted to hide who I am, how I’m going, withdraw or just talk about stuff that doesn’t matter to avoid talking about stuff that does. Perhaps if we were to open up and be genuine with people, we might find that those whom we think are different to us, aren’t as different as we might think.

A happy and enriching 2014 to you all.