The most beautiful, heart stirring album you’ll hear this year. As I listened to Of This I’m Sure on my commute this morning, the day ahead was oh so far away. Picturesque images and rich textures in this beautiful new album transported me to another world. From the opening epic pop folk fusion of Of This I’m Sure to tender lullaby, Jenny & Tyler demonstrate their musical versatility and lyrical finesse, with true art that takes us out of the present moment to reflect our lives back to us.

Magnified, intensified.

The joyous driving sound of the title track bursts onto your eardrums like a musical flower in bloom. Jenny & Tyler explore the full range of both their individual voices and their chemistry as a duo, playing off and supporting one another, even as the album shifts gears down to lullaby, and back up through some sweet folk and pop influences. Yet, the duo are always keenly aware of the acoustic roots which made Open Your Doors so memorable for me. This dynamic allows the duo to paint in vivid colour the many facets of human and divine love we experience in life.

There is much to relish, to reflect on, and to give thanks: Taste again the joy of life, and the hope one has for one’s children that they too will discover this in the deepest possible way. As Jenny & Tyler sing about a world beyond what eyes can see that echoes in our own, maybe you’ll be swept away too.

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