John Paul White’s Beulah is his first album post-Civil Wars, released on his own label Single Lock Records. One of my favourite tracks on this more-sombre-than-sweet album is Hate the Way You Love Me.

Fellas, I’m sure if we’re honest there are many of us who feel we have punched above our weight in marrying the women we did, women who just blow us away with their love and kindness and grace. They know us better than ourselves, they see the flaws and faults that others don’t, flaws that hurt and break, and yet we are still deeply loved.

A glimpse of divine grace, a Christ-like presence in our lives. When I listen to this song, I can’t help but be thankful to be married to a woman like this.

Hate the Way You Love Me

Well I hate the way you see me

Like a man who can’t be fixed

Like a fool fooling all but you

Who he really is


And I hate the way you hold me

Nervous as a cat

Like I might get the big idea

You’d forgive me just like that


I wouldn’t have it any other way

Heaven knows a sinner needs a saint

Oh but when I’ve been my most ugly

I hate the way you love me.


You’re a hard woman to live with

I could never fill those shoes

An example to our children

I could never live up to


And I hate myself for staying 

where I should and should not be

Someone I know I don’t deserve

and doesn’t deserve me