I love listening to music throughout the day, especially when the office is noisy. This article helped me to use it more effectively. The article suggests to stop when you are learning stuff and or listening to new music, but play when it’s noisy or repetitive. The idea is that music can be both beneficial or distracting depending on what you’re doing. Click through to see how. I’ve known  for a long time the benefits of plugging in when I’m doing repetitive work but these new insights make so much sense, and actually work.

An unexpected side effect was that I also became more aware of the effects of music might have on my general headspace. My job entails thinking deeply about complex engineering and management issues; a healthy blend of challenge, innovation and frustration that makes you happy to leave some days and charging to get back most others. Sometimes I probably overthink stuff which probably doesn’t help with all that. Given the maelstrom of the mind that results and the fact that enjoyable music distracts from deep thinking I often feel the need to switch the iPod off to relax rather than switching on to relax, especially when I need to re-orient and re-focus. Especially coming home to an equally busy house full of little people, to, oh yes, study some more.

Study. Yep, study. Now let me tell you what that does to the brain.