Gravity (2013) is an intensely rich film, aesthetically and philosophically. Here are some questions you can use to guide your viewing, discussion and greater appreciation of Gravity:

1) Who is the main character? What do they want out of life, what are they struggling with? Who are the other main characters (personal or impersonal) and how do they help or hinder the main character?

2) Think about the settings. Imagine yourself in them. Feel it. What do these settings represent or tell us about humanity? What happens to them?

3) Ryan discovers some artefacts in each of the places she visits on her journey. Of all the things the director could spend the film’s budget on, the director chooses to draw our attention to these items. What are they, compare and contrast the artefacts, and discuss what you think they say about their previous owners and the main character?

4) How is Ryan different from the beginning of the film, compared with the end? How did this change come about? What did she learn?

5) What happens in the final scene and how does it conclude Ryan’s journey and transformation?