Entertainment is constantly communicating to us about how life is or how life ought to be. Entertainment works because we resonate at some level with a character’s experience, the drive of a story, or a singer’s lyric. Of course, I don’t resonate with everything they say and do. The conflict and the resonance are evidence that, far from being ‘mindless’, these art forms serve as windows into the hearts and minds of the writers and performers. I want to figure out what they’re saying and why.

As a Christian, I believe our existence is part of a greater story revealed in the Bible – a narrative of the history and destination of the universe. It’s a story of love, grace and peace as well as evil, tragedy, and suffering, which has meaning because of the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth.

Eternitainment seeks to bring this Christian worldview and the beliefs latent in modern entertainment together for a heart-to-heart chat, to hear what each is saying. Eternitainment invites you to listen in and join the conversation.

For a brief introduction to Christianity, please read Two Ways To Live.

Read more about Eternitainment in my introductory post.

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