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Ben-Hur (1959) and a guest blogger!

Today, I welcome my good friend Kieran as the first guest blogger on Eternitainment! We've been friends a few years now and we often engage our minds in the fruitful discussion and appreciation of movies. If Kieran had his own... Continue Reading →

No clean getaways: No Country for Old Men (2007) – Part 1 of 4

A man steals millions of dollars from a drug deal gone bad and plays a deadly cat and mouse game with a serial killer the syndicate sends to get their money back, while aging sheriff Bell attempts to track them... Continue Reading →

Oscars 2013 – super lite review

So the results are in: Argo has taken the award for Best Picture. I was not entirely surprised - there was heaps of buzz when it first came out, and it won in two major categories, being Adapted Screenplay and... Continue Reading →

Oscars 2013 – super lite edition

Being an entertainment blog I suppose I should mention something about the Oscars, which are on Monday morning Australian time. I only managed to see, embarrassingly, 3 of the contenders for best picture this year, being Les Miserables, Life of... Continue Reading →

The Descendants (2011)

Three things to like about The Descendants: 1. George Clooney - In contrast with many other roles which in which George embodies style, smooth-talking and has a bunch of cool friends, George admirably pulls off the ordinary and vulnerable father.... Continue Reading →

The Artist (2011)

The Artist portrays an artist at the end of an era and the end of himself. The year is 1927 and silent film star George Valentin is at the top of his game, and he knows it, soaking in the... Continue Reading →

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