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Noah #2 – Great expectations and a better revelation

At various times in Noah, both Noah and Tubal-Cain (TC) cry out to Movie God but they seem to hear nothing. They see nothing but grey storm clouds. It would be easy to conclude from this that Movie God is...indifferent. For example, the lengthy... Continue Reading →

Noah #1 – A good God and Aronofsky’s Apple

Noah reunites A Beautiful Mind stars Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, and Russell Crowe with ships in his first sea-faring epic since Master and Commander. While Noah doesn't rise to the heights of these two great films, some original art direction and... Continue Reading →

Clearing the decks for Noah (2014)

Hoping to go see Noah tomorrow night. I'm not expecting the film to be a blow-by-blow retelling and no one seriously should have expected it to be for a whole bunch of reasons. The Noah text of Genesis 6-9 consists of approximately 2000 words... Continue Reading →

Priest (2011)

Paul Bettany plays Priest, a vampire hunter who learns his niece has been captured by vampires. The problem is the Church, which fully controls his city, believes that vampires have been completely eradicated. They warn him that "to go against the Church... Continue Reading →

Songs of 2013: I Will (Andy Gullahorn)

Part three of a three-part series featuring significant songs of my 2013. Read part one here. Read part two here. I WILL Nothing. All you hear is silence Feels like you’re alone and Drifting off of the map But many souls have gone Down... Continue Reading →

Songs of 2013: From This Valley (The Civil Wars)

To conclude 2013, a three-part series on three songs summing up my year. Here's part two. The Civil Wars went to some deep dark places on their first album Barton Hollow, and perhaps more explicitly so in their second... Continue Reading →

The shadow and the substance

Family, food, friends, the beauty of nature, experiences and pleasure make life rich and sweet. I suspect many of us have enjoyed them today (or not!). Some may use words like 'gift' or 'blessing' to describe them, or use words... Continue Reading →

Oblivion (2013) and the new atheism Part Wall-E, part The Truman Show and part 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tom Cruise's latest sci-fi outing Oblivion faces an oblivion of its own. This review contains spoilers. Jack (Tom Cruise) is a technician who maintains drones protecting the... Continue Reading →

Life, The Universe and Nothing link page added

The Life, the Universe and Nothing dialogue series featuring Lawrence Krauss, William Lane Craig and Rory Shiner has garnered a lot of interest since August so I've added a link page for debate videos, commentary from the participants, blog responses and... Continue Reading →

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