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Final moments of the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn // live streaming


New Horizons – Post Closest Approach Media Briefing

The New Horizons - Post Closest Approach Media Briefing is happening now! Watch here:

To New Horizons: The delight of discovery

Watching our children discover the world and how it works is truly delightful. Everything is new. Everything is interesting. Everything is open to enquiry. As their mobility increases, their small horizons expand. And as much as it keeps us on... Continue Reading →

Life, The Universe and Nothing link page added

The Life, the Universe and Nothing dialogue series featuring Lawrence Krauss,¬†William Lane Craig and Rory Shiner has garnered a lot of interest since August so I've added a link page for debate videos, commentary from the participants, blog responses and... Continue Reading →

Lawrence Krauss & Rory Shiner in Perth – Wrapping up a month of Life, The Universe and Nothing

While much of the attention has been on the clash of titans Krauss and Craig down the east coast of Australia, a fourth discussion in Perth also took place between Professor Krauss and local pastor Rory Shiner, from St Matthews... Continue Reading →

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