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Robert California on fear – Spooked // The Office // Season 8 The Halloween party was a recurring feature episode of The Office, as it is in many American TV shows. At his first Halloween party as CEO of Sabre - Dunder Mifflin, Robert California walks the office getting to know... Continue Reading →

On Trump on Jimmy Fallon

Fallon's lack of confrontation amidst a campaign characterised by controversy and inflammation was most offensive. No stranger to TV appearances, Donald Trump appeared on Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show a couple of weeks back. You can view part of his appearance here: Continue Reading →

Dr. Meredith Grey diagnoses you

"We've all heard the warnings and we've ignored them. We push our luck. We roll the dice. We play with fire. It's human nature. When we're told not to touch something, we usually do, even if we know better. Maybe... Continue Reading →

MKR – Who rules who?

Watching My Kitchen Rules (MKR) is a new thing for me. I don't watch much reality TV but MKR has started up and university hasn't (yet), so I have a small amount of time available for TV. The show's official... Continue Reading →

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