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Debate videos

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Commentary from Krauss and Craig

William Lane Craig podcasts for Australian tour

What happened in Australia

The first debate with Lawrence Krauss in Australia

Krauss comment on WLC’s use of The Unbelievers

Rory Shiner

Pre-debate opinion piece and arguments

articles around the web

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Is the material world all there is? Arguments for the existence of God

A universe from nothing (Lawrence Krauss)

A universe from nothing: Putting the Krauss-Craig debate into perspective

The Bible Society

Pre-debate interviews with Professor Lawrence Krauss and Dr William Lane Craig

Commentary from around the web

Letters to Nature

A universe from nothing – what you should know before you hear the Krauss-Craig debate

St Eutychus

What do you do when Goliath kills David – Lawrence Krauss vs William Lane Craig

How to debate an atheist mega-brain and talk about Jesus winsomely

Transcript from Rory Shiner’s Great Debate with Lawrence Krauss

Dealing with Genocide in the Bible

Mehran Banaei

Has science buried the camel and its droppings?

Saints and Sceptics

Krauss, Craig, Dawkins and a difficult week for McAtheism

Christian Faith

William Lane Craig and Lawrence Krauss in Sydney

Five30 Live Service

Lawrence Krauss and William Lane Craig Debate

Quines Queue

Has Science Buried God?

Wintery Knight

William Lane Craig debates Lawrence Krauss in Melbourne – does God exist?

Eternitainment (this site)



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Rational Skepticism


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