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Robert California on fear – Spooked // The Office // Season 8 The Halloween party was a recurring feature episode of The Office, as it is in many American TV shows. At his first Halloween party as CEO of Sabre - Dunder Mifflin, Robert California walks the office getting to know... Continue Reading →

“Bust Your Kneecaps” – Pomplamoose Live

On Trump on Jimmy Fallon

Fallon's lack of confrontation amidst a campaign characterised by controversy and inflammation was most offensive. No stranger to TV appearances, Donald Trump appeared on Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show a couple of weeks back. You can view part of his appearance here: Continue Reading →

Jason Bourne (2016): just Bourne enough

So I enjoyed the experience of going to the movies for the first time in nearly 18 months. The actual movie, Jason Bourne, not so much as I would have hoped. In preparation for what should be the last installment in this... Continue Reading →

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