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The future of crime: Minority Report (2002)

The year is 2054. For the last 6 years, the City of Washington has been free of murder, thanks to a special police branch which uses 'pre-cogs' (pre-cognitive) to predict murders and then arrests the would-be perpetrators before they commit... Continue Reading →

True Grit (2010) – Part 3 of 3

In Part 2,  we examined Mattie's plunge into a place of death, and how through perseverance, Cogburn rescues her, a picture of what Jesus does at the cross. We find don't find out what happens next - we find out... Continue Reading →

True Grit (2010) – Part 2 of 3

In Part 1, we met Mattie, Cogburn and La Boeuf, and saw the prominence of faith in framing and enabling Mattie's quest. For all the beauty of Mattie's faith and innocence to this point, True Grit is ultimately about revenge,... Continue Reading →

True Grit (2010) – Part 1 of 3 After her father is murdered by one of his employees, Mattie Ross engages a deputy U.S. Marshal to track down the killer. She’s given three recommendations, but chooses Rooster Cogburn because she hears he’s a man with "true grit".... Continue Reading →

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