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leonardo dicaprio

“The way of the future.”

I'm currently working on a presentation for my Master degree, hence a slight downturn lately. The topic of my presentation is aviation emissions and my research includes some papers on future pathways towards sustainable aviation. (Too much information?) Anyway, in... Continue Reading →

What no-one hopes for: Revolutionary Road (2008)

Revolutionary Road is incredibly moving, but not in a good way. April and Frank Wheeler (Winslet and DiCaprio) live in a picture perfect street, living the American dream in the optimistic and prosperous 1950s. Behind the curtains, they struggle that... Continue Reading →

Inception (2010)

Beneath the multiple dream layers and visually-stunning gravity-bending action sequences of Inception lies one powerful truth - that our ideas, our thoughts, memories and beliefs, are the most powerful forces in our lives: Cobb: I'm going to improvise. Listen, there's... Continue Reading →

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