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Locked Out of Heaven (Bruno Mars)

In his latest song to hit the charts, Bruno Mars sings a love song to sex in Locked out of Heaven. Bruno starts out by admitting he has not in the past had much confidence in love or miracles which... Continue Reading →

I wanna party and…find love?: (Party 2 of 2)

In Party 1, I suggested one of the scenes set in the song "How We Do" by Rita Ora could easily come from a horrible nightmare. I just didn't think a hungover sleepover as an indicator of love was ideal.... Continue Reading →

What no-one hopes for: Revolutionary Road (2008)

Revolutionary Road is incredibly moving, but not in a good way. April and Frank Wheeler (Winslet and DiCaprio) live in a picture perfect street, living the American dream in the optimistic and prosperous 1950s. Behind the curtains, they struggle that... Continue Reading →

Quick thoughts on Another Year (2010)

Another Year is four seasons in the life of a happy couple while everyone else around them is unhappy. It's a movie about ordinary life, and as such features simple scenes and sets in suburbia, and naturalistic dialog including a... Continue Reading →

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