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Noah #4 – Tying up some threads

In the last few posts, I've commented on several resonances of the film - God as creator, religious experience and revelation, and the problem with humanity. There was heaps of interesting stuff in the film to highlight and think about, but... Continue Reading →

Noah #3 – Kindness and the kind God

I've been thinking about how to wrap up this series, and while a lot more could be said on the film, I'm going to have to limit myself. The problem with going off notes I took a few months ago is that... Continue Reading →

Noah #2 – Great expectations and a better revelation

At various times in Noah, both Noah and Tubal-Cain (TC) cry out to Movie God but they seem to hear nothing. They see nothing but grey storm clouds. It would be easy to conclude from this that Movie God is...indifferent. For example, the lengthy... Continue Reading →

Noah #1 – A good God and Aronofsky’s Apple

Noah reunites A Beautiful Mind stars Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, and Russell Crowe with ships in his first sea-faring epic since Master and Commander. While Noah doesn't rise to the heights of these two great films, some original art direction and... Continue Reading →

Clearing the decks for Noah (2014)

Hoping to go see Noah tomorrow night. I'm not expecting the film to be a blow-by-blow retelling and no one seriously should have expected it to be for a whole bunch of reasons. The Noah text of Genesis 6-9 consists of approximately 2000 words... Continue Reading →

Who is in control: The Next Three Days (2010)

In The Next Three Days, Russell Crowe stars as John Brennan, a teacher whose wife, Lara, is convicted for the murder of her boss. Not convinced of her guilt, and having exhausted the legal options, Brennan begins developing a plan... Continue Reading →

Russell Crowe signs for Noah movie

Recent news reports confirm that Russell Crowe has been signed for Darren Aronofsky’s take on the biblical epic of Noah’s Ark, nine years after Peter Weir's sea-faring epic Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Director Aronofsky says:... Continue Reading →

Believing in A Beautiful Mind (Part 2)

In part 1, I commented briefly on some of the beliefs expressed by characters in A Beautiful Mind: reductionism or materialism can be used to justify one's urges beliefs don't necessarily need to be grounded in science to be valid... Continue Reading →

Believing in A Beautiful Mind (Part 1)

In the 2001 film, A Beautiful Mind, mathematician John Nash struggles with schizophrenia forcing him to re-evaluate his beliefs and how he actually comes to know anything. Some observations: Nash holds to reductionism to justify urges: Nash: I don't exactly... Continue Reading →

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